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Light Vehicle Systems - LV2


Light Vehicles

Light Vehicles

The LV2 system is designed for small wheeled or tracked platforms and can be used in small boat applications. The system is expandable and can accommodate wireless, remote access and data expansion.

LV2 uses two units for its foundation, the Master Control Station Light (MCS/L) and Full Function Crew Station Light (FFCS/L). All of the other Chelton Communication products are plug and play with LV2.

Over 4,000 systems are currently in service.

For more detailed descriptions on each of the individual units that come together to make a system, please click the links on the right-hand menu bar. Links to pages containing details of additional add-on capabilities such as wireless and data are also available there.

Data sheet downloads are available in .pdf format, giving further details of systems and units.


Individual unit descriptions

MCS/L - Master Control Station Light

FFCS/L - Full Function Crew Station Light

CCU - Crew Chest Unit


Additional capabilities

Data Expansion

Remote Access Expansion

CATS - Configuration & Test system

Audio Ancillaries


Data sheet downloads

LV system overview




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