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The Chelton Wireless Integrated Communications System (CWICS) is available as a full duplex conferencing system or a simplex extension. Both systems are integrated into the Platform Communications systems using state of the art digital interfaces.

CWICS 200 - Wireless Network Conferencing System

The CWICS 200 is a full duplex, data enabled, radio remote access wireless network that provides seamless interfacing to the CDC AN/VIC-3, ROVIS or LV2. The system provides Chelton Personal Radios (CPR) for dismounted vehicle crew or infantry squads or standalone crew such as towed howitzers or coastguard boarding parties with the ability to conference simultaneously six crew members and gain access to remote radios on the host platform. In parallel to voice communications data can be transmitted to and from crew members or to the on-board vehicle systems.

CPR210 Handset

The CPR210 handheld transceiver allows the user a full duplex links between the platform and/or other dismounted users and access to the on-board HF, VHF or UHF transceivers. The noise cancelling suppression circuitry ensures that any ambient acoustic noise is removed from the voice transmission and with the 32 kbps ADPCM audio encoding the received signal remains highly intelligible.

The C200Z intercom base station allows up to three transceivers in the platform to be connected and independently accessed from users external to the vehicle while maintaining full duplex communication between users.

An embedded data port on the C200Z and CPR210 allows the transmission of RS232 data between users and the platform.


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CWICS 200 - Full Duplex

CWICS 100 - Simplex


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