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ROVIS system Performance


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Health and Safety

In the growing world of litigation the Chelton range of products ensure that the noise heard at the users ears is reduced below the re cognised international levels for continuous noise exposure. The standard of ensuring that any user is not exposed to more than 85 dBA over an eight hour period remains instrumental when we design our communications systems. Attention to digital voice operated switches (VOX), microphones, Passive and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) ensures that we can maintain these levels in the high noise environments associated with high performance commercial or military vehicles, planes or boats.

In a typical tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) travelling at 40 mph the overall noise level can be 116 dBA and can peak to in excess of 130 dBA, if no hearing or protection were worn or the system amplified the background noise the user would typically be outside the international standards within 3 minutes.

Using the Chelton systems and ANR headsets this can be increased to eight hours if the vehicle remained at 40 mph, the graphs below show the improvements our products make and ensure that the users are not subjected to the high noise exposure.




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